There’s a lot of iPhone cases out there, but probably none as functionally cool as the Opena Case from Annex Products.

Brought to life through Kickstarter, the Opena is a protective hard case for your iPhone with an integrated slide out bottle opener. The opener is made of stainless steel and slides out from the case with ease to open your favorite frothy beverage. Once extended, the opener locks to ensure it’ll stay in place during use.

The iPhone feels very secure in the Opena case while retaining a fairly thin form factor (we actually had a slightly difficult time removing the iPhone from the case, but this will be resolved with the iPhone 5 version). Overall, we really love the quality of this product and had no apprehension in its use. Upon inspection after removing the Phone, we found no damage to the iPhone whatsoever. It’s obvious the Opena was made to withstand the pressure to pop virtually any top.

While we demoed the white iPhone 4/4S Opena case, it’s also available in black and retails for just $39.95. Annex Products is even releasing a lighter and thinner version of the Opena for the iPhone 5 soon.

With the huge coolness factor of this quality product, we give the Opena case a rating of 4 out of 5 bits. You can order yours at, “Cheers!”