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Savage Interactive’s Procreate 1.6.3 update has just been released on the Apple App Store.

Adding Dropbox and updating support for the recently released Adonit Jot Touch, Si has also added support for some new upcoming devices.

One of those devices, not yet officially announced, is Ten One  Design’s Pogo Connect. Dubbed project “Blue Tiger”, the Pogo Connect is an upcoming Bluetooth 4.0 pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad.

The other pressure sensitive stylus that Si has added support for, is the overdue Jaja Stylus. Unlike the Bluetooth technology utilized by the Jot Touch or Pogo Connect, the Jaja emits ultrasonic sound waves to communicate with the iPad’s microphone. This unique form of connectivity allows for palm rejection and pressure sensitivity within supported apps.

Hit the break for a full breakdown of the new features in Procreate 1.6.3.

What’s New in Version 1.6.3

  • Dropbox support
  • Jot Touch support updated
  • Jaja support
  • Pogo Connect support
  • New UI for external devices.
  • Improved performance of large brushes.

Bug fixes

  • Glaze blurring issue fixed.
  • Glazed brushes and pressure now modifies size.
  • Wrong thumbnail when undoing moved layer fixed.
  • Colour picker no longer selects black border.
  • General bug fixes and improvements.